Who to Interview

Who to Interview

Not all interviewees are equal. Some will give you much, much more value than others. Here are three tips to help you pick the perfect interview candidates.

#1 - Paying customers who love your product

If you want to understand the value that potential customers WILL get from your product, you need to understand the value that existing customers DO get from it.

Speaking to potential customers can throw up some interesting content ideas. But they won't be able to tell you anything about your product, the problems it solves and why those solutions are worth paying for.

If you base your campaigns on interviews with potential customers, your product and your campaigns will be out of alignment, which means you'll be launching campaigns that drive traffic and signups but not sales.

That said, customers who've used your product for years won't be able to tell you much about the problems it solves, because (hopefully) they don't have those problems anymore.

That's why you also want to look for...

#2 - People who remember life before your product and were active in the decision-making process

The best customer to speak to is one that's been on the buyer journey, ideally not too long ago:

  • They experienced the pain point
  • Were moved to take action
  • Researched potential options
  • Picked your product
  • Continue to use it and love it

A customer that's experienced the entire buyer journey will be able to tell you how they use the product, why they chose it and why you beat the competition.

Here's one final thing to think about...

#3 - People who will be happy to give you a testimonial (or maybe even a case study)

Testimonials and case studies are worth their weight in gold. If you're going to ask a customer why they love your product, pick someone who's willing to go on the record.

Some customers are more willing to commit to case studies than others, so you'll have to play that one by ear. But push for three short testimonials at the very least.

Here’s a real pro tip: don’t ask interviewees for permission to use what they say as testimonials during the research interview. You’ll make them feel nervous. Wait until afterwards, then send an email thanking them for their time and whether they’d be OK to share some of the kind things they said.

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