Positioning Framework

Positioning Framework

Here's a really simple three-step positioning framework that we use with our clients all the time.

Out of the three strategic docs in this guide - persona, positioning and messaging - positioning is probably the least understood. It’s worth quickly defining what positioning is before we get into it.

Positioning sets the scene for your product. It establishes a context and a narrative that helps you answer two very important questions:

  • Why now?
  • Why you?

Good positioning will help your product:

  • Feel essential
  • Feel unique
  • Feel worth the money
Remember: this positioning doc is about capturing the ‘big picture’. The messaging and persona docs will capture the detail on what your customer is feeling and how your product helps.

High-level positioning


What’s the big change in your market that your customers are thinking about - or even better, worrying about?


How are the ‘thrivers’ adapting to this change? How are the ‘survivors’ responding? What differentiates the two groups?


Why are you uniquely positioned to help customers shift from being ‘survivors’ to ‘thrivers’?

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