When & How to Talk About Product

When & How to Talk About Product

When to talk about your product can be a divisive topic for marketers. Some say you should never do it, others say it's essential.

The answer, as with most things, is that it's all about balance.

If you never talk about the product, you're making the customer work it out for themselves. If you do it too much, your content will become a sales pitch.

Here are a few things you can do to bring product into your content in a natural and non-pushy way.

Pick the right moment

When we're creating content, we usually look for two or three key moments when we're talking about specific pain points that the product can clearly solve. At those moments, we include relevant, conversational CTAs driving traffic to product landing pages targeting that pain point or persona.

Let your landing page do the talking

Linking to a landing page is useful because it means your landing page can make the case for the product. This leaves your content to focus on the customer, while your landing pages push for a conversion.

Use your case studies

I've conducted a lot of customer research and something I've heard countless times is that customers want to see case studies - they want to see examples of people like them solving problems they have.

Case studies are a useful sales tool, but they're also really informative. Real-world stories can be more useful and interesting than hypothetical advice.

We often place case studies at the end of the content we create as proof that our recommendations actually work.

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