Two Must-Have Copywriting Formulas

Two must-have copywriting formulas

Here are two copywriting formulas I use all the time when I'm launching campaigns for clients: PASO and AIDAC.

Let's look at PASO first.


If you're unsure whether to use PASO or AIDAC for a landing page, email or ad, just write both and A/B test them.


PASO is great for emails, landing pages and ads where you're targeting a really specific pain point.

Here's how it works:

  1. Pain - draw attention to a problem that you know the reader has
  2. Agitate - dig into the pain using emotive language and highlight why it's worth solving
  3. Solution - tell them how you're going to solve their problem
  4. Outcome - describe the positive outcomes of your solution

You can see an example of this copywriting formula in action below, albeit with the 'outcomes' bit missing.


In the context of this playbook, an example outreach email using the PASO format could be:

Are you sick of generating dud leads that don't buy? Or being told by sales that the leads you've asked them to follow-up on are a total waste of time? [PROBLEM]

Working super hard to generate leads that don't close is the worst. All those late nights, all that hard work... For what?

To feel like an impostor... To sit through yet another meeting trying to justify your budget... [AGITATION]

If you're looking for a better way to serve up sales-ready leads, I've got awesome news. We've spent the last eight years fine-tuning a proven campaign playbook that we've used to grow our agency to £500K a year.

Now we're giving it away, totally for free. [SOLUTION]

Check it out if you want to:

  • Build a repeatable process for generating sales-ready leads that want to buy
  • Get free access to a massive toolkit of frameworks, templates and tools to help you launch high-performing campaigns in days instead of months
  • Get marketing and sales on the same page and working together to drive down your CAC [OUTCOMES]

That copy is actually longer than many of our most successful outbound emails. Some of our most successful outreach emails are no more than 100 words. So don't be afraid to cut to the chase!

Now let's look at AIDA.


AIDAC is great for emails, landing pages and ads where you're leading with an attention-grabbing offer. Here's how it works:

  1. Attention - Make a bold, punchy or unexpected statement to hook the reader
  2. Interest - Hold their attention by following up with some useful or interesting information
  3. Desire - Make them want to take the next step by tapping into something you know they want
  4. Action - Tell them what they need to do next
  5. Conviction - Use proof points like stats, testimonials or case studies to give them more reasons to act

AIDAC is probably better suited to people with more copywriting skills and experience. If you're not feeling too confident, stick with PASO.

Here's an example of AIDA in the wild (albeit with the conviction bit missing):


Here's an example of AIDAC in the context of this playbook:


For the last eight years we've been optimising and refining a proven and repeatable way to generate sales-ready leads for B2B SaaS companies. [INTEREST]

It's the exact same process we use to serve up highly qualified, sales-ready leads for our business and our clients. We recently used it to generate 362 qualified leads in six months from just one report. [DESIRE]

Now we're giving it away, totally free, no sign up required. All you need to do is hit this link. [ACTION]

Not sure if our playbook is worth your time? Here's what a couple of our clients had to say...

"I'm looking at this very healthy pipeline and I can attribute 80 - 90% of it to Winbox." Aaron Slater, Head of Marketing, Solverboard

"These results are the best I've seen. I think it's the best marketing investment we've made as a group." Phil Atherton, Director, Istoria Group [CONVICTION]


Even if you can't perfectly follow the PASO or AIDAC structure for every email, landing page or ad that you write, it's always useful to have them in mind.

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