Social Ads Templates Unlocked

Social ads template

Here are two templates you can use for your campaign social ads. I'm going to share one that's PASO and one that's AIDAC.

I find a good structure for ads is the trust old 'Hook + CTA'. This gives the reader everything they need to understand how you can help them and what they need to do now.


Social ads need to be pretty short to perform, so it can be tricky to include all the PASO and AIDAC elements in full. But they're still a really useful framework for thinking about what people need to hear before they take an action.

PASO ads

There are two ways to write PASO ads. You can focus on the customer specifically, or show how others like the customer have the pain point using a stat. I find the second one works well.

Here are a few examples for focussing on the customer specifically:

Sick of {{pain point}}? Check out {{lead magnet}} to {positive outcome}}.

Looking for a better way to {{solve pain point}}? Our {{lead magnet}} will help you to {{positive outcome}}.

{{Pain point}} is {{negative outcome}}. Here's how to fix it.

Here are a few using stats:

{{XX%}} of {{persona}} say {{pain point}} is {{negative outcome}}. Here's how to fix it.

{{XX%}} of {{persona}} say {{lead magnet topic}} is more effective than {{alternative}}. Check out {{lead magnet}} to {positive outcome}}.


As we mentioned in the previous section on landing pages, AIDAC copy tends to be less formulaic and harder to create templates for.

We did share a bunch of tips for writing awesome AIDAC headlines in our landing pages guide and the very same principles apply to ads as well:

  • Use emotional or unexpected words
  • Create urgency
  • Be really specific
  • Use numbers
  • Call out the audience

Check out our landing page templates for more info on how to do each of these.

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