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Alongside the tips and advice in this playbook, we’ve put together a massive bundle of tools and templates for our newsletter subscribers.

Here’s everything you’re going to get:

  • The persona document I use to capture what I learn in customer interviews
  • The messaging framework we use to turn personas into customer-facing messaging
  • An outline for a report focusing on trashing the 'status quo' in your industry or analysing the root causes of the pain points you solve
  • An outline for a report sharing original research into your pain points
  • A landing page template you can repurpose for your campaigns
  • High-converting social ads templates
  • Tips and templates that will help you write high-converting emails
  • A few repurposable email templates you can use for your follow-ups
  • A lead scoring template that you can use to qualify and prioritise opportunities

Who could resist, right?

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