Persona Doc Unlocked

Persona Doc

Here's the persona template we use to get the core of what customers are struggling with, how they're trying to solve these problems and how your product helps.

You'll notice that the sections marry up nicely with the interview questions in the template we've also shared.

It's always helpful to see examples, so I'll fill it out for our business for the sake of illustration.

Who is the customer?

  • CMO, Marketing Director or Marketing Lead at B2B SaaS company
  • Targeting enterprise clients
  • Hands-on sales process
  • Already doing some marketing

What are their goals, KPIs or key metrics?

  • Hitting their quarterly MQL targets
  • Improving their lead-to-customer ratio
  • Driving down the CAC

What are the obstacles or pain points that stop them from achieving their goals?

  • Having too many channels to manage and create content for
  • No unified buyer journey that sales and marketing commit to
  • Lack of time or expertise in their team

What’s the negative impact of these pain points on their life and work?

  • Not hitting MQL or CAC targets
  • Struggling to justify budget
  • Impostor syndrome

How does the customer try to resolve these problems at the moment?

  • Creating more and more content despite questionable ROI
  • Focusing on things that generate traffic or leads in the hope these lead to sales
  • Hiring junior marketing staff (because that's what they can afford)

Why is [CLIENT] better than their existing solutions?

  • A proven playbook for generating sales-ready leads
  • A strategy that's focused on revenue
  • Experienced marketers with domain expertise in strategy, content, emails and ads

What's the positive impact of [CLIENT] on their life and work?

  • Hitting their targets
  • Respected internally
  • A repeatable process they can commit to

What are some typical objections to buying and what's the counterargument?

  • We've been burned by agencies in the past
    • Our growth playbook is totally transparent, we've made it available online for everyone to see so you know exactly what you're going to get
    • We have a proven track record of stats, case studies and testimonials to back up our claims
  • I probably can't afford you guys
    • Don't be so sure. We operate a fixed fee across all of our clients and it's cheaper per month than a mid-weight content marketer. But instead of getting someone who writes blog posts and social media you'll get full implementation of our playbook along with all the content it requires and access to our team of experienced strategists and creatives

What stats or other proof points do you have to back up your claims?

  • Testimonials like this: "These results are the best I've seen. I think it's the best marketing investment we've made as a group."
  • Impressive case studies

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