Nurture Intro

Nurture Intro


What's the difference between campaigns that generate sales-ready leads and those that generate leads that don't buy?

The follow-up.

How you follow up with leads is so important. Sending new leads a couple of automated emails pushing for a meeting just doesn't work. I'm not sure it ever did, to be honest.

What we've found is that lead nurture needs to be a combined marketing & sales effort. Some of it can be automated, some of it can't. If you actually want leads to proceed to the next stage of the process you need to work them hard. Our own sales and marketing process aims for 7-12 contacts across different channels - some manual, some automated. The more proactive and closely-aligned marketing and sales are, the more likely you are to get a response.

Here's what you're going to get in this section of the playbook:


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