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Landing page templates

Here are two templates you can use for your campaign landing pages. I'm going to share one that's PASO and one that's AIDAC. If you're not familiar with these, check out this article.

PASO landing page template

The basic landing page structure is 'headline' and 'body'. Some landing pages have other elements, but for the sake of this guide let's keep things simple.

Obviously, the wording will need a bit of finessing once you input your details, but these templates will give you a useful starting point.


Here are a few examples of how to focus your PASO headline on customer pain points:

Sick of {{pain point}}?

Looking for a better way to {{solve pain point}}?

{{Pain point}} is {{negative outcome}}. Here's how to fix it.


Your customers need you to be able to {{deliver service}}. If you can't, then {{emotive agitation of negative outcomes}}.

To help you out, we recently created a {{lead magnet}}. Check it out if you want to:

  • {{solution to customer pain points}}
  • {{solution to customer pain points}}
  • {{solution to customer pain points}}

{{take action}} if you want to {{positive outcomes}}.

Granted, this is a really basic template. But one of the advantages of finding real pain points and creating genuinely useful solutions is that you can keep your copy simple and still get awesome results.

If you need to dress your offer up too much, you’re probably not adding that much value.

AIDAC landing page template


AIDAC headlines are harder to share templates for because, by definition, they're less formulaic. But there are a few tried-and-tested things you can do to spice up your AIDAC headlines.

Use emotional or unexpected words

The headline for our playbook ads is 'STEAL OUR PLAYBOOK'. This stands out because people don't often ask others to steal from them. It's also an emotive word that people look out for.

I like to use CoSchedule's headline analyser to find emotional words. You can also find a big list of them in PDF here.

Create urgency

An urgent problem is one you need to solve fast. Urgent information is something you need to see or you'll be losing money or time.

Tell readers: what's the negative outcome of not converting? An example of this could be: 15 Data-Backed Warning Signs SaaS Customers Are About to Churn.

Be really specific

Being really specific about the problem that you're solving and how you're solving it makes the value feel more tangible. 'The Easy Way to Fix a Flat Bicycle Tire in 5 Minutes (or Less)' is so much better than 'Bike Tire Repair'.

Use numbers

Numbers get people's attention, that's why they're so popular in article headlines. The more specific and unexpected your numbers, the better.

Call out the audience

This is one we use a lot. If you're writing for a narrow audience (and you should be), call them out in the headline. "The Enterprise CMO's Guide to Marketing Spend Control in 2021" is a way better title than "How to Stay on Budget".


Here's a copy template you can use for the body section of your AIDAC landing pages. As I mentioned before, the copy will probably need some finessing once you've swapped in your messaging.

Did you know that {{stat related to customer pain point}}? That means that a whopping XX% of {{persona}} are {{negative outcome}}.

Thankfully, there's a better way. Our {{lead magnet}} will help you to:

  • {{solution to customer pain points}}
  • {{solution to customer pain points}}
  • {{solution to customer pain points}}

If you want {{positive outcomes}} all you need to do is {{take action}}. Our clients are already using {{lead magnet}} to improve {{metric related to pain point}} by XX%!

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